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Dave Woodward

Screen Shot 2012-12-13 at 17.33.38Dave is Kent born and bred. And he wants very little to be known about his identity, except that he’s a great fan of Crowded House, Crosby Stills Nash and Young, Simon and Garfunkel and Led Zeppelin.

He’s our main songwriter, coming up with very clever hooks and lyrics. (Only don’t tell him that, cos he’ll get an even bigger ego than he already has.)

He’s been around the music scene in Kent for many years, playing and singing with various people, including Steve at the legendary Penny Theatre in Canterbury and in the band ‘4play’.

His songwriting blossomed after going with Bob to a singer/songwriter workshop led by Steve Knightley and Phil Beer of “Show of Hands”, coming up with “Good Day” and “Back to the Smack” in quick succession. The latter was as a result of moving away from Kent briefly and missing playing and singing at The Smack, a pub in Whitstable.