Where does the time go?

Yes, where indeed? The last posting I put up here was June of 2016! Agh!

The reason is that we’ve been busy with the “Hopping Down in Kent” project, a folk opera that me (Bob) and Dave concocted. It’s been great fun – and we want to do summat similar (more on that later), but we want to get back to our band performing as well. We’ve got a possible couple of gigs lined up towards the end of this year – not yet firmed up, so watch this space. In the meantime, we might do the occasional open mics – so again, watch this space (and our Facebook page of course).

So, we started rehearsals last week – and surprised ourselves at how good we sounded, given how long we’ve not been ‘Acoustic-Architects-ing’. And we were joined by the fantastic Debbie Sowter, helping us out with her superb keyboard/singing skills. Who knows, we might persuade her to play her sax with us as well sometime!


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