Acoustic Architects

Acoustic Architects

Our CD, Blueprint

We're running low on stocks of our CD, so just looking into getting a new more copied. If you haven't got your copy yet, then you can order it here... And rehearsals are going well. Watch this space for announcements about where we're next appearing!

Hopping Down in Kent

It now feels concrete - the venue has been booked, posters and tickets are being printed and Shepherd Neame have a webpage about the event on their website - see:  Many thanks to Shepherd Neame and Ideas Test for sponsoring us. Tickets will be available later this week from…

New CD… Blueprint

Yup - Blueprint is here! Our very first full-length CD... Here's the track listing: 1 / Abbey Grounds 3:43* (Woodward) 2 / August in May 3:34** (Woodward) 3 / Drifting away 3:18* (Woodward / Allen / Carling) 4 / Olaudah Equiano 4:33* (Woodward) 5 / Grace Darling - Bus Stop 7:32* (Woodward - Anita Anderson)…
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