The Ballad of Grace Darling


1. ‘Twas on the long stone lighthouse

There dwelt an English maid

Pure as the air around her

Of danger ne’er afraid

One morning just at daybreak

A storm tossed wreck she spied

And up spake brave Grace Darling

‘I’ll save the crew’ she cried



Oh oh, away on the rolling sea

Oh oh, my darling come to me

I know you have an English heart

and the raging storm you’ll brave

Before the tempest takes me

and the deep becomes my grave

Before the tempest takes me

and the deep becomes my grave


2. Onto the rock we’re clinging

Our crew of nine all told

Between us and the lighthouse

the seas like mountains rose

Said Grace “Come help me father,

We’ll launch the boat,” said she.

Her father cried “‘Tis madness,

To face that raging sea”


3. We murmured ‘heaven guard us’

And then we were afloat

Between them and destruction

The planks of that frail boat.

Then spoke the maiden’s father

“Return or doomed are we”

But up spake brave Grace Darling

“Alone I’ll brave the sea”


4. She bravely rode the billows

And reached the rock at length

And saved the storm tossed sailors

In heaven alone their strength

Oh tell the wide world over

What English pluck can do

And sing of brave Grace Darling

Who nobly saved my crew